Andion Technology’s turnkey anaerobic digestion solutions are redefining how the world handles organic waste and produces renewable resources.

Capturing the renewable value of waste

Andion makes organic waste handling efficient, reliable, sustainable and economically viable. Based on proven experience and integrated solutions covering every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain, we guarantee the highest process efficiency for the lifetime of your facility.

Andion can rely on a team of professionals with more than 200 years of experience (combined) in designing and building more than 185 waste-to-energy and wastewater facilities operating at an everage of 98% efficiency.

Handle a wide range of organic feedstocks

Our deep experience, in-house process expertise and complete range of technologies make it possible to efficiently handle a vast range of organic feedstocks:






Broad expertise
– from initial concept
to full-scale facility

Our people are our most valuable resource. Our industry-leading team of experts has gained deep process and engineering knowledge from building, operating and maintaining waste-to-energy plants worldwide. This assures a high level of end-to-end expertise – from initial concept development to long-term maintenance. To ensure optimal full-scale plant efficiency, we start by carrying out advanced piloting analysis of the unique feedstock characteristics of every customer. We then follow through by providing extensive capabilities in biological and chemical processing, permitting, operation, health & safety, maintenance and more.

Trusted supplier
of wastewater
treatment technologies

Andion is able to offer wastewater treatment solutions based on a comprehensive portfolio of proven equipment, including multiple patented technologies designed to minimize energy consumption and operational costs. Our experts have designed, engineered and constructed more than 130 integrated wastewater treatment plants for a wide range of industrial applications and capacities. Our wastewater treatment solutions can be provided separately or in combination with anaerobic digestion plants in order to efficiently treat the liquid fraction of the organic waste process flows.

Flexible solutions
with short lead times

A fully operational anaerobic digestion plant can be up and running within 9-12 months, depending on the size of the facility. Thanks to a complete portfolio of mature technologies and proven process solutions, we are able to select the right solution for your feedstock and off-take requirements in order to vastly reduce the long lead times typically associated with complex, fully integrated waste-to-energy infrastructure investments.

Full lifecycle operation
and maintenance

For Andion, every installed plant is the beginning of a lifelong commitment. Depending on stakeholders’ needs, Andion offers full-service operational management and maintenance contracts to ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment for decades to come.

performance guaranteed

Andion combines proven process units into complete waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment systems, backed by a competitive energy production guarantee. This guaranteed performance is based on a long track record of integrating established and patented technologies as well as executing EPC projects worldwide.

We create

Eliminate waste currently
being sent to landfills

Andion’s organic waste-to-energy facilities are ideally suited to supporting the current global shift towards landfill reduction, green energy production and methane gas elimination. Our best-in-class anaerobic digestion solutions convert organic household, industrial, slaughterhouse and agricultural waste into renewable biogas energy, soil nutrients and reclaimed water.

Address rising
environmental regulations

Governmental mandates and renewable energy goals are rapidly strengthening the opportunities for waste-to-energy producers. Currently, multiple countries are banning organic waste landfilling or mandating organics recycling, and many more voluntary renewable energy targets are being implemented worldwide. Andion’s waste-to-energy solutions help local partners to profitably meet a wide range of regulatory demands.

Create a reliable supply
of local green energy

Local energy independence and reduced fossil fuel consumption are vital to a sustainable future. Our waste-to-energy solutions maximize efficiency from a nearly endless supply of waste resources to provide 100% of the facility’s energy while producing valuable biogas and renewable commodities.

Turn organic waste
handling into economically
viable opportunities

The development of anaerobic digestion facilities is a highly complex and capital-intensive investment. Andion’s best-in-class technologies, and integrated turnkey waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment solutions ensure the highest levels of operational efficiency. This helps to guarantee predictable returns and minimized risk for all stakeholders.